I am running for Mayor of the City of New Haven because we must prepare our children for productive lives, but also inspire them to maintain lifelong residency in New Haven. To create this virtuous cycle where residents succeed and then reinvest in their communities, we have to strengthen our public schools, spur economic growth, and maintain safe and supportive neighborhoods. We have to improve the livability of the city today by lowering taxes; creating jobs; reducing crime; and providing pathways and support systems for the homeless, veterans, elderly and other vulnerable residents.

I believe that most New Haveners share my progressive aspirations for this great city. However far too many have disengaged from civic participation because they have been disappointed in city politics. They have grown accustomed to politicians whose rhetoric outweighs their actions. They have learned to expect spin rather than truth from their elected officials. Many have implicitly accepted that “open,” “inclusive,” “collaborative” and “ethical” are simply buzzwords because most decisions are made behind closed doors where only a few, powerful voices matter and self-interests go unchecked. New Haveners have the right to demand more from our leaders.

It was wisely stated, “politics is a calling, not a career”. I am running for Mayor of New Haven because I have a new, fresh perspective and feel called to serve at this time. I am running for mayor because I believe in a different type of city government – one that truly values transparency, is responsible and forthright about fiscal realities, and embraces diversity of opinion to achieve better results. I am running for mayor because New Haven deserves a leader with the vision, enthusiasm and courage to turn our current challenges into next-generation opportunities.

If you share my vision and know that we cannot spend our way to a brighter future, but instead must think smartly, act decisively and leverage our resources creatively, I invite you to join me on this journey. Our city needs your ideas, energy and passion!

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