• Articulate a SPECIFIC vision

  • Set MEASURABLE goals to achieve it

  • Be ACCESSIBLE to residents and stakeholders

  • Focus on RESULTS

  • Commit to TRANSPARENCY


Paca S.M.A.R.T. Governing Initiatives:


  • Reverse Harp Administration strong-arm policies that create a culture of employee fear, hostility and intimidation

  • Repair broken relationships with city unions

    • When unionized employees are forced to work without contracts morale is diminished.  Low employee morale can negatively impact resident services such as public safety, snow cleanup, street cleaning and maintenance of public spaces. City Hall owes it to both New Haven’s employees and its taxpayers to settle labor contracts that have been open for three or more years  

    • Hire a Labor Relations Director to restore a clear point of contact between city employees and the Mayor’s Office and improve labor-management communications

    • Return independence between the Labor Relations Office and the Corporation Counsel’s Office to reduce legal costs by resolving conflicts before they escalate to litigation


One of the mayor's most important functions is to lobby state and federal officials for resources.  Each year New Haven's mayor is privileged to meet with the heads of federal agencies and advocate for our city.  Mayor Harp’s federal advocacy efforts have not produced results for New Haven’s residents.  When meeting with the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Mayor Harp failed to effectively advocate for the residents of Church Street South.  Subsequent to Mayor Harp’s meetings with HUD officials, New Haven lost a $30M Choice Neighborhood Grant targeted for Church Street South.  Mayor Harp also failed to make a case to HUD for New Haven to receive a Promise Zone designation despite significant expenditure on consultants to support the effort.  


As mayor I will be proactive, prepared, persuasive and engaging with other levels of government to produce results for New Haven residents.


On a local level, Mayor Harp has been consistently uncommunicative with the Board of Alders, preventing forward movement on major issues and creating costly legal disputes. Mayor Harp has also threatened to run candidates against any alders who act independently of her and do not rubberstamp her budget decisions.  These bully political tactics threaten the autonomy and integrity of New Haven’s legislative body.  

As mayor I will respect the independence of the Board of Alders because the checks and balances created by the separation of powers are the foundation upon which our democracy is built.


City of New Haven Fellowship: Bring back New Haven’s best and brightest through the creation of a one-year, paid public service fellowship that will allow recent graduates who left New Haven for college to come back and contribute to their home community.  I will seek a private funder to sponsor the City of New Haven Fellowship.


Millennial Taskforce: Establish a taskforce to identify and help implement solutions to address the city’s “brain drain”.  The taskforce will be challenged to help answer the question: How can we best develop and retain New Haven’s next generation of civic, business and political leaders?

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